Sunday, May 18, 2008


I just have to say, warrior is a wonderful class. I spent all evening long doing battlegrounds. I was trying to get enough marks for the neck, bubble trinket, ring, and sword. About 2k honor later, I got all my marks and got all my stuff. Then I leveled to 38 so I could equip it all. Then I trained.

Somewhere in the middle of all my battlegrounds, I ran into another warrior from Moon Guard who happened to be wearing the guild tag of the best pvp guild on the server. We chatted a bit and it resulted in him inviting me to his twink guild! Oooh, so tempting! The networking alone would be worth it!

Unfortunately for Zgu, she is an alt and the reason she wears my main's guild tag is so that they can find me, since I've been spending so much time on her lately. I had to decline and it makes me very sad! It really is an awesome opportunity! Maybe someday, when Zgu turns into my main and this blog's title no longer makes sense. *shifty eyes*

After I got all my new gear and leveled, I hopped back into Warsong Gulch for one last hurrah before bed. I wanted to give my new stuff a test run. Well, this warrior I mentioned earlier invited me to a group and I ended up doing a few WSGs. In between matches, he queued us for arenas, which I totally didn't know you could do below 70! And wow, that was fun! What an awesome way to learn how to pvp! We were demolished by a priest/warlock team, but we demolished a priest/paladin team. Considering that neither of us were truly twinked, that's pretty awesome.

The point of this post is that warrior is incredibly fun. I'm still completely amazed that I'm finding it so enjoyable. I mean, I actually love pvp with my warrior! *shakes head* I can't believe it. I've been a hardcore pvp hater since I started playing this game 3 years ago. Playing a shaman didn't help my opinion either. But warrior has changed all that!

Accomplishments of note for Zgu tonight: Over 1k HKs, friendly with Warsong Outriders, reached level 38. Go go baby warrior!

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