Friday, May 16, 2008

New People

Last night was an interesting one. After the guild drama I wrote about previously, I was apprehensive concerning last night's raid. As I said before, one of the people that left has been instrumental in helping us beat Reliquary of Souls.

Well, it was not a smooth night. We started late because so many people logged on late. We ended up 23-manning the trash to Gorefiend. And the disconnects and afks! My goodness! Once we finally got rolling, we downed Gorefiend easily despite the new folks, and things looked bright. Well instead of going on to Bloodboil, we went to RoS and proceeded to wipe for the next two and a half hours. The problem? Our brand new fury warrior (who happened to join not two days before the old one quit) was learning how to do interrupts. We actually got RoS down to 5% and then 1%, but too many people had died during Phase 2 for us to pull off Phase 3.

That attempt where we got it down to 1%, I reincarnated at the last second, just as the last person died and tried to frost shock the damned thing down, but it had just a few too many health points for my meager resto dps. It was sad and would have been absolutely brilliant if it had worked. Oh well. The lesson there is that I should have reincarnated earlier to help heal the remaining dps. In my opinion, one of the hardest aspects of playing a shaman is knowing when to use that ankh.

Despite all the pitfalls tonight, I feel somewhat reassured about my guild's future and I'm hoping that most of our attendance issues are due to the time of year - final exams and the beginning of summer. I hope that things will improve once those real life things settle down.

I do have one somewhat selfish concern though. I have to spend about a week moving my stuff from Kansas to Minnesota at the beginning of June. I'm worried that my guild will end up downing Illidan while I'm away! That would be unspeakably awful. I hope things improve faster rather than slower so we can get Illidan down before I have to take a week off!

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