Monday, May 19, 2008


I need to make a rule for myself. No Zgu until after my dailies are done.

I respec two to three times a week on Salanthe, so I need the money. Elemental is my pvp spec and restoration is my raiding spec. Sometimes I respec to elemental (pve) or enhancement to make my dailies go a little faster, or just for fun.

All that money spent to respec was fine while I was still rolling in gold, prior to falling in love with my warrior. Zgu has sucked dry all that extra cash on Salanthe though. From leveling her blacksmithing and mining to buying epics for twinking to making sure she has enough for her first mount... Well, let's just say that Zgu has been a very expensive little toy.

Salanthe on the other hand has suffered from lack of attention. Being the hardcore raider that she is, repair bills are high. She's an alchemist and herbalist, so she doesn't need to spend money on that, and her cooking and fishing are maxed out as well. Those profession skills help a lot, but only if I spend the time farming materials to use them. Which I haven't been doing because I've been spending so much time on Zgu. Coupled with the outrageous respec costs, well, let's just say that I've run Salanthe a bit dry.

I'd like to have about two thousand gold on Salanthe, so I have enough to splurge on something cool on the AH. Right now, she's sitting at a measly four hundred. I have lots of work to do. It's not like Zgu is going anywhere or will suffer if I give some serious time to Salanthe... It's just that I don't want to. I love my alt and I want to get her to 70 so badly!

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