Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Alts Explained

This is supposed to be a blog about a shaman, right? I mean, the title is Totem of Wrath.

Well, it is a blog written by someone who's main is a resto shaman. So yes, there is plenty of shaman-related stuff here. But this person is also an altaholic, so those alts will get some pen time too.

On the sidebar, I have a little section dedicated to the Armory. My main and most beloved resto shaman is listed first, Salanthe. There are a bunch of other names beneath her though and I may as well tell you what you'll find before you click the link.

Miothe is my druid. She was the druid I originally rolled on Ysera and leveled to 40 before coming to Moon Guard and rolling Salanthe. Since playing a shaman, I have a great deal of difficulty getting back to druid. I keep trying to level her, but she just gets stuck until I go on another leveling spurt. I also can't decide what spec to make her, so she's stuck perpetually in feral. I've seriously contemplated resto, since druids are OP, but I'm starting to burn out on healing and the idea of having another full-time healer is, well, unappealing. I'm also a bad tank and I don't particularly enjoy boomkin or kitty dps. At least she finally has an epic mount.

Zgu is my current love, next to Sal. She's an orc warrior and I'm addicted to battlegrounds with her! I never expected to find this class so enjoyable, but there you go. I never expected to enjoy shaman either. There's just something about running around aimlessly killing alliance and not worrying about anything. At the moment, I'm trying to decide if I should twink her at level 39 or level her up. Time will tell.

Hravan was my first character, a hunter. Poor thing is three years old and is only level 46. Also destined to become a farming alt if she ever gets to 70. About the only time I play her now is when a friend needs an extra dps for Uldaman or Zul'Farrak or I feel like taming a new pet.

Mirothan was an experiment. I decided that I would love playing paladin not long after I started healing full-time on a shaman. Healing style is very similar, wears plate, has better buffs and more dispels, etc. Well, she just never took off. Now I'm not so sure I'd enjoy the class, so she rusts away in Silvermoon City, waiting until I get back to her someday.

Keiaz is my next planned project. A troll mage, tailor and enchanter. Once I settle out on Zgu, I plan on power-leveling Keiaz to 70 so I have an AoE farmer, enchanter, and vending machine of my very own.

Dolendae was originally rolled on Laughing Skull. Yes, the Leeroy Jenkins and Epic Mount Girl server. She's an alliance draenei shaman. I made her to play with this guy I was sort of seeing in real life, but the interest fizzled and I decided to transfer her to Moon Guard. The problem? I don't like playing alliance.

Salbi is a Moon Guard original. Rolled because I thought a gnome warlock would be fun and because I was trying to escape my ex-boyfriend (who plays horde on Moon Guard). Salbi is fun, but she's alliance. No amount of fun can overcome that.

I also have a little level 8 undead priestess that I plan on leveling at some point. Maybe after Keiaz is power-leveled. For now, she lacks an Armory page and also a link, so this will be all the mention little Heneli receives until it's time for her to rise from her grave.

It's one thing to explain all your alts and another to explain why they exist. The reasons are so varied:

  1. Might be a fun or interesting class
  2. Want to learn to heal on this class
  3. Need the utility or profession to support a main character
  4. Real life friends want me to play on their server
  5. Escape from main character or people from your faction or server
What are your reasons your alts exist?

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