Sunday, May 25, 2008

Can't Catch Me!

I have decided to level a tauren druid to replace Zgu as my level 39 twink. It was a debate between leveling Heneli, my priest, or making a druid and the druid won. They are so powerful in pvp. One good druid in a battleground can win a game.

The reason I decided to roll a new twink was because a couple of my guild mates have twinks at level 39. I'm having so much fun playing with them! I don't want to stop. Hence the new twink.

In other news, that Alliance guild beat the Illidari Council tonight. It's an end of an era for my guild, but I'm not as sad about it as I expected. My guild still exists and we're still progressing, even if we have fallen behind because of good people leaving.

Speaking of people leaving, rumor has it that the shaman class lead has up and disappeared permanently. I smell an opportunity, but I don't want to say anything! I am the logical choice, since I am the most consistent and reliable shaman in the guild right now. So we'll see what happens. The guild leader is out of town until Monday which means I have plenty of time to think about how to broach the subject.

I would like to be promoted without prompting, but the druid class lead went unfilled for almost a month until someone stepped up and said they would take it. I'm not sure the shaman class lead position will be filled until someone says something about it and if I wait too long, that new restoration shaman will say something before I do.

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