Thursday, March 5, 2009

All My Mains

I am launching a new blog, All My Mains, and closing the door on Totem of Wrath. ToW had a good run but it never had a purpose behind it. It tended to serve as a dumping ground for whatever I felt like saying, whether it was shaman-related or not.

AMM, the new blog, has a purpose (and a schedule and a bunch of other stuff) behind it and it's my hope that it will serve the WoW community better than ToW ever could.

Without further ado, here is what AMM is about (stolen from the About page!):

All My Mains is a blog about World of Warcraft. The content is general because my interests are general! I am an admitted altaholic and I have a number of characters that I play regularly. I don’t consider myself to have one main character, but several, and I think they are all interesting. I am not an expert in any particular class, but I can talk about the ones I choose to play with some intelligence. It is my hope that while this blog may be general in nature, a few people will find interesting tidbits and useful advice.

AMM is not a theorycrafting blog. Sure, I may share meters or WWS reports. I may discuss some basic math or complain about nerfs, but my interest in the game is fairly casual and I’m not good enough at math to figure out the complexities of how the game is designed.

Tl;dr: I'm closing ToW and redirecting traffic to All My Mains. Stop by, look around, and maybe subscribe to the RSS feed! Thanks for stopping by Totem of Wrath. :)