Thursday, May 15, 2008

Guild Drama

I wonder how many more people we're going to lose. Drama from months ago is still being dredged up by the officers and more and more people are quitting because of it. WTB diplomatic guild officers, please!

Our only fury warrior left tonight, along with a shadow priest. They show up for almost every raid and the warrior at least is pretty much essential to us beating Reliquary of Souls. I'm afraid that these two losses will set us back in progression and I'm worried about losing more core raiders.

Not only that, but the new people we have recruited can't show up to raids. I swear, they only joined for the guild tag and have no interest in helping. I loathe users and that's what these new recruits seem to be.

So I think it might be time to consider my options as far as raiding on Moon Guard. If my guild goes up in smoke, there is literally no where else to go. There is one other guild on this server making progress in Black Temple and they are on alliance side. The other horde side raiding guilds are still in T5 content.

It pains me to think of leaving Moon Guard, but that is the only option if my guild dies. I don't want to retire my shaman yet. Yes, I could try starting another raiding guild, but there aren't enough people on this server to make it viable. Not even close.

I have at least one friend who is interested in transferring with me, which is nice. I think I would probably be miserable if I didn't know anyone on a new server. I'll have to talk to at least one other person to see if he would be interested in transferring as well.

The hard part is trying to find a server and guild that would be a good match. I'm a T6 resto shaman and perform very well in raids. I'm a solid player and would be a good addition to any guild. I don't want to be second string though. I enjoy being an integral part of my guild and I like being valued. It will be a challenge to find a guild that fits both my needs and my friend's needs.

For now at least, this is speculation. Only time will tell.

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