Sunday, May 18, 2008

Progression Competition

I'm kind of ashamed of myself for doing it, but I have a bookmark for our primary raiding competition so I can keep tabs on their progress. And I just learned that they downed Mother Shahraz last night. This makes me sad because it means that they are at the same place progression-wise that we are at. They raid more days per week than we do and for a longer duration of time. With the trouble we've been having getting people to show up to raids, I think this may be the end of our server first reign. Which does make me sad, even though it's silly.

The one claim we can make that they cannot is that 1) we reached Black Temple and Mount Hyjal before 2.4 and 2) we earned our shadow resist gear for Mother. They came to BT/MH after the patch and after attunements were lifted. They also purchased -all- their Hearts of Darkness and primal shadows and lifes from off server.

For what little that is worth.

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