Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I was chatting with a friend tonight and he was telling me how he started up a World of Warcraft blog - a place to rant and rave about his experiences. It occurred to me that he was very smart and I should consider moving all my WoW-related tl;dr to its own blog. After all, most of those poor folks on livejournal that have friended me don't play WoW.

Just a bit about the player behind the keyboard: I'm currently unemployed because the economy sucks and it's really hard to find a job for a paleontologist/museum worker sans PhD. Consequently, I have an unreasonable amount of time to play Blizzard's World of Warcraft and have considerable material to write about.

While I have been playing since release (November, 2004), I didn't begin playing regularly until the Burning Crusade expansion was released (January, 2007). As much as I loathe to admit it, I am a BC Kid. My first character was a tauren hunter on the pvp server Azgalor. After discovering how much I hated both the hunter class and pvp servers, I rerolled on a new pve server called Ysera about a year after I started playing. I fell in love with the druid class and sporadically leveled my little tauren druid to 40.

Then I stopped playing for a while due to real life. When I returned, my druid had been removed from her guild and I didn't know anyone on Ysera anymore. I started poking around the role-playing forum, having developed a curiosity for role-playing. Not two months after I began tentatively writing my own role-playing posts, I saw a recruitment thread for an RP guild focused on the shamanistic roots of the Horde. I enthusiastically added my name to the charter and thus The Earthwalkers of Moon Guard was born and my fate was sealed.

Moon Guard is the only role-playing server in World of Warcraft where you will actually find role-play without looking too hard. It is a very small server but the community is close and it's filled with intelligent, thoughtful people. Surprisingly. I absolutely adore it. Sure, it has it's problems (small population, poor economy, bad progression, bad pvp), but the people make it a wonderful place.

Anyway, I rerolled a new druid for The Earthwalkers, but it quickly became apparent that the guild needed a venerable tauren shaman teacher/mentor for RP reasons. I volunteered for the role, despite the fact that I hated the shaman class. Thus Salanthe Oatwind was born.

I've had an interesting journey. Starting out as heavy RP player and evolving into a hardcore raider after The Earthwalkers disbanded. Currently, I'm the primary restoration shaman of the most progressed guild on the server. Not what I expected when I created my shaman over a year ago.

And so, this blog is a commentary of my experiences as a raiding shaman and altaholic. Tl;dr at its finest.

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Pike said...

Hate hunters?
'tis blasphemy!