Thursday, July 10, 2008

Twinks and other things

It's been a while since I last posted, so I thought I'd better say something, even if it's nothing of consequence. Tl;dr, right?

Well, my little warrior twink has been coming along quite nicely. She's about as good as she's going to get now. Yeah, there are a few little things I could upgrade, but I'm kind of anxious to level her again. I don't want to put any more gold into her.

I did try out arms again, just to see which I liked better. The nice thing about arms is that Zgu hits a LOT harder. I had an execute crit of 770-something this morning on another warrior. She's also doing much better on damage and HKs as arms. On the other hand, it takes her forever to kill something because her axe is so slow, she's constantly rage-starved, I miss piercing howl like no one's business, and her killing blows are low. I'm just not sure which I prefer.

I've been working on earning honor for level 70 pvp gear. I actually got her Vindicator's Plate Bracers the other day. I've already got her level 40 plate gear, too. I'd like to get her Guardian's Plate Belt, Merciless Gladiator's Plate Chestpiece, Merciless Gladiator's Plate Legguards, and Merciless Gladiator's Plate Shoulders before I start leveling her again, but it's almost an impossible task. She would need 67,299 honor to get all of that. On a good day, I can get 1,000 honor on her, so that's 68 days of grinding out 1,000 honor to get that stuff. A little over two months. Which means that my time for leveling her to Outland before Wrath of the Lich King comes out will be very limited.

I don't know... I'm really torn between keeping her as a twink and leveling her. So in the mean time, I decided to level a new 39 twink. This allows me to delay leveling Zgu until I have a replacement ready for her, which means I can continue earning honor and reputation on her (I'd love for her to be Conqueror Zgu, since Zgu, Hand of A'dal won't ever happen).

The new twink will be a shaman named Zrii, a female orc. I've already got some twink pieces for her and I've got most of her gear planned out already. I just need to level her up! Unfortunately, that's the case with all my characters.

Leveling is really burdensome, sometimes. I'd like most of my alts to be at least level 40 by the time WotLK comes out so they don't have that much further to go before the new level cap of 80 is in place. The alts in that category are: Zgu (39 twink warrior), Heneli (29 shadow priest), Keiaz (20 fire mage), and Mirothan (35 ret paladin). I also want to get Miothe to level 70 and get her epic flying skill. She's 65 right now; nearly 66. I just need to spend some dedicated time on her!

I know it's really not that much. 5 more levels on my druid, 1 more level on my warrior, 11 levels on my priest, 20 levels on my mage, 5 levels on my paladin... And the leveling goes fast for those alts under 40! Part of my issue is that I haven't found a dps class that I love yet. Salanthe is absolutely painful to play outside of groups now because she kills things SO slowly as restoration. I'm to the point now where I won't drag my low level alts or do dailies on her at all until Friday or Saturday, which are our raiding off-days and I can afford to respec her to enhancement or elemental. It puts a serious crimp in my efficiency. If I played a dps class, I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

The solution, unfortunately, isn't to level Miothe up either. I don't like dpsing with her as feral and I'm going to bet that balance won't be my cup of tea either. Zgu wouldn't be a fair solution either, and not because I don't think I could grind on her the way I can't with Mio. The problem with both of them is that they are tanking classes. I worry about being "guilted" into tanking. See, Salanthe was supposed to be elemental ages ago, but the lack of healers on the server forced me into healing my way to 70 and now I'm stuck. Don't get me wrong; I adore healing. It's just that sometimes I wish I could respec enhancement for a week and get away with it. I could get ridiculous amounts of stuff done if I could have a week as dps.

Off track a little. I am worried about the same thing happening on Zgu, which is one of the reasons I hesitate to level her. She is a warrior. She is the tanking class. I want to kill stuff when I play her though, not rely on others to do things for me. I get that enough with my main.

Honestly, I don't know what my issue with Miothe is. I never intended Salanthe, let alone the shaman class, to replace my little druid. Ever since I started playing the game three and half years ago, druid has been my favorite class. Until Salanthe. Now when I hop on Miothe to pick herbs or skin leather to supply Sal, I resent playing her a little. She's not as efficient at killing things. I hate how quickly she takes damage and how slowly she kills things compared to Sal. I detest seeing her health bar fall. She's so inefficient and unwieldy in comparison. The only thing that gives me some enjoyment is tossing lifeblooms and watching them bloom when I'm trying to recover health quickly between mobs. And lord knows, the very last thing I need is another healer.

Suffice to say, I'm not sure what to do about any of my alts. I think I would adore healing on Miothe, but she will never catch Salanthe. I would love so smash face with Zgu at 70 and I like to harbor a dream that she will be decently geared and have decent rep with all the factions, but she will never catch Sal either, even if I'd rather she were my main. Then there's Heneli, the priest... Lately, I've been healing Black Temple and wishing that I played priest. Casting a chain heal and wishing it were Circle of Healing. Wishing I had Prayer of Mending and Renew, even Lightwell. I'd simply love to get Heneli to 70 so I could learn to heal and gear a priest. I'd even be alright with her being moderately geared compared to Sal. But that fourth character is just such a stretch...

Eh, I suppose it will sort itself out in time. I predict that Miothe will reach 70 and get her epic flight form; doomed to following Salanthe around and farming for the rest of her life. Zgu will probably stay twinked at 39, unless I get the shaman twinked to replace her, in which case she'll likely make it to the mid-50s before I abandon her. Heneli will likely gain a few more levels; possibly stalling out in the mid-30s, maybe making it past 40. Keiaz might make it to 30, but probably not, and Mirothan might reach 39 twink-dom.

If you made it through all of that, you deserve a cookie! *gives out cookies* I'm still working on that series of totem posts I talked about a while ago, so I promise actual content sometime in the near future!

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