Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Here!

Hooray! My collector's edition finally arrived from Best Buy! Wal-mart, on the other hand, still has not shipped.

I am really pleased with what I got too. Definitely worth the wait. Originally, all I wanted was the pet, but the soundtrack, book, card game cards, and DVD were all awesome too.

I'm also excited to finally get Salanthe into Northrend and leveling again. Maybe my melancholy with my computer will fade now that my shaman is free to explore the new content.

1 comment:

Anea said...

I was pretty impressed with the CE this time too, especially the soundtrack. (Plus, it was nice to have a new mousepad, haha - are you going to use yours?)

I'm sure now that Salanthe can explore Northrend you'll have more computer love :)