Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Coming!

Or, The Saga of How Salanthe Is Still Level 70 One Week After WotLK Release.

I have two accounts, right? I call them Salanthe's account and Zgu's account. Two accounts means I need two copies of WotLK.

I decided to treat myself for this expansion and get the collector's edition for my main account. Salanthe needs an adorable little frost wyrm pet. So, I learn that is sold out (this is like a month ago, mind) and I go on a mad search across the internet to find a retailer that still has it in stock. My first choice was Target but they apparently don't carry it. So out of desperation, I check Wal-mart and they have it! I order it, select two-day delivery, and wait for the expansion to release.

The day of the release, I take myself down to the local Best Buy at midnight to pick up a regular copy of the expansion for my second account. I come home, install it, upgrade Zgu's account, and all is well. Then I check to see if Wal-mart has shipped my collector's edition yet. Nope.

I spend a week visiting their website daily. They must ship it today, surely! No avail, it still has not shipped. My friends are all speedily leveling past my beloved Salanthe and all I can do is level mining and skinning on my death knight. Finally, the other night, I decide that enough is enough. I will order a copy from Best Buy, chose 2 day delivery, and let the two retailers race. Whomever gets it to my door first gets my money and the other copy gets returned.

Tonight, I finally get the confirmation email from Best Buy that my collector's edition has shipped! I should be leveling Salanthe by Friday! I am so happy! And still no word from Wal-mart. They've had my order about a month now. Did I mention I paid extra for two-day delivery from them? Yeah...


shieldsup said...

when i picked up my pre-ordered copy of the CE in a bookstore they had a huge pile of copies behind the desk and not many were preordes as i learned from the vendor. that's the way things go over here. hope you'll get your little frosty soon.

while waiting please do check Shields Up! my soon to be growing shaman blog.

Anea said...

How frustrating! I know that it annoys me no end when vendors don't ship things that I buy from them quickly (especially when I choose expedited delivery!) but waiting for the expansion is another thing. You don't feel left out because your new sweater didn't arrive in time, but you surely do when your guild is inching closer and closer to 80.

I'm glad that Best Buy has shipped - enjoy the cute pet!