Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bear *rawr*

Bet you thought this would be about my druid! Well, it's not!

Salanthe got her Zul'Aman bear mount yesterday! The last feather I wanted to put in her cap before the expansion came out. A little thing to say that she was a well-loved, well-cared for character once upon a time.

In the four years I've been playing this game, none of my truly old characters have anything to prove that they're as old as they are. Hravan, my much neglected hunter, leveled to 35 on a pvp server and somehow managed to not earn a pvp title. I didn't raid pre-BC, so I don't have old gear to show off either. But now my main has titles (Champion of the Na'aru and Hand of A'dal), gear (5 pieces of T6), and a bear mount to prove that she's been around for a while.

In other news, I've been pvping up a storm on my druid, Miothe. I respecced her restoration, finally caving to my healer addiction. She is fun to heal with! I very well may take her as my main if healing on Salanthe ends up being a nightmare in the expansion. Only time will tell.

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