Saturday, August 9, 2008

Twinking Shaman

My little pet project is nearly complete! Zrii the twink lacks only the gear that requires honor and marks. After a long morning of transferring money between alliance and horde, I was able to grab the libram for her helm enchant and the belt I've been looking for! Her Armory link is off to the side, but I'm posting it again because I'm that proud of how she's turning out. Zrii's Armory!

I've poured tons of gold and resources into her and even tweaked my playstyle for her. It's a big step forward for me and I hope that as a player, I'll live up to Zrii's gear. Shaman require much more finesse to play well than a warrior.

With Zrii's coming-of-age, it's now time to consider Zgu's future. Honestly, I'm starting to have fun on shaman again, so the warrior seems somewhat less attractive than she did a few weeks ago. I've got cold feet, I suppose, in regards to leveling her. I know I enjoy playing 39 warrior pvp. I'm not so certain that I'll enjoy playing level 70 warrior pvp and pve. I mean, I think I will, but I'm not certain.

Hence I'm still trying to decide what to do with my little warrior. Do I keep her in the 39 bracket, secondary to Zrii, or do I level her to 70, secondary to Salanthe?

At some point when I'm less tired, I want to talk about some of the choices I made for Zrii, both in gear and spec. Talking through it will help me find areas for improvement!

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